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My god, some of these Star Wars "Theories" and "Questions" are just silly. "Why did Darth Vader raise his hand to use the Force?" Umm...he didn't have to, but he did it anyway... "Why do Storm Troopers always miss?" ...They don't 'always' miss, and that's because: 1. Plot Armor 2. They were made in the 1900s. "Who is Tarre Vizsla?" Disney's junkie idea of a "Mandalorian". And finally "Why was Vader strong on Rogue One, but weak in The Original Trilogy?" He was made in the 1900s. These questions are the reason why I stopped watching these lame "Explained" Videos...
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Rest in peace Carrie Fisher..I'm SO mind fucked right now, I-holy- Rest in peace, M.T.F.B.W.Y..
The number one thing you would see on the internet is people making empty death threats to someone they don't even know.
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::[Spoilers!]:: Rogue One is a Star Wars story! (duhh)

Hey guys, just saw the new Star Wars Rogue One movie! Not gonna lie, it wasn't exactly as how it was expected, but I will say it was just AWESOME!

Listen, I'm not gonna say it's better than The Force Awakens, both were shocking and awesome equally, as well as all the other Star Wars Episodes/Films.

The Force Awakens was just intimidating, and Rogue One had a lot more action. I don't know about you, but it just makes me feel much better and happy that it actually did show Storm Troopers and the Empire do their thing. Felt so intimidating throughout the Movie, especially Vader's ending where "the many" met their fate.

Honestly loved it. Loved to see Leia in the ending, just brought so much memories, but kind of sad to see the rebels M33TTH3!RFt3'..


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